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3 ways to motivate agents during the holiday season

The holiday season can hurt morale because agents feel bogged down by all they have to do. Keep them focused and motivated with these three tips.

Contact center leaders might not be able to lessen their agents’ loads, but they can take steps to keep them motivated to work.

Experts at Retail Richez suggest these tactics:

  • Talk about what’s positive. It takes about nine positive comments to erase one negative comment from an agent’s mind. Congratulate agents on what they do well now and try to keep them focused in those areas. Briefly talk about areas to improve after the holiday season.
  • Be sensitive. Employees will be pulled in many directions this time of year. Be as flexible as possible with schedules and non-essential tasks.
  • Offer opportunities to grow. Job and personal development are often huge morale boosters. Now might not be the time to offer training or advancement, but it’s a good time to arrange those opportunities so agents can look forward to them in the new year.

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