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3 ways to make tech-speak easy to understand

Talk too “techie,” and customers will tune you out. Talk like this when explaining technical information, and they’ll get it.

Sometimes there’s no way around having to explain something technical to customers over the phone.

To help them understand the information — and keep them satisfied — try one of these approaches:

  • Give selective details. Instead of giving customers every detail to remember, highlight the few most important in ways that will stick. Example: “If you check the filter each day, it will maintain the system as long as three filters used to do.”
  • Use an analogy. Refer to something customers can easily identify with. Example: “The memory in this system is equivalent to what’s packed into six of the old desktops, plus four of your first generation lap tops.”
  • Show photos. If you can’t direct customers to online photos of what you’re referring to, ask them to conjure up one in their minds as you speak. Example: “Imagine the dial on an old rotary phone. That’s the shape and size of the component you need to find.”

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