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3 ways to make emotional conversations easier

As a contact center pro, you probably have emotional conversations every day. Here’s how to handle them even better.

When you face an upset, difficult or irrational customer, you can defuse the potentially volatile conversation with these proven tactics:

  • Focus on listening. Let the person vent as long as he’s not verbally abusive. Take notes, including some of his exact words. Then when you speak, stay calm with an even voice and repeat his words so he knows you listened well.
  • Prepare yourself. When possible, think about how you want to react in the difficult conversation you face (perhaps you have a moment before you pick up a transferred call or return a call). Or, before reacting on the spot, tell customers you have to look up something and prepare a calculated response.
  • Do it at the right time in the right place. When the emotional conversation is planned (perhaps you have to deliver bad news), do it as quickly as possible, so customers have time to digest the information and adjust. Also, do it in a private area so no one’s embarrassed by an overreaction (if it occurs).

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