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3 ways to keep your best people happy (and in their seats)

How many of your best employees do you think are looking for another job right now? This answer may shock you.

Six out of ten employees are actively on the hunt for new – and they’re hoping better – jobs. They may be doing it right under your nose at this moment, a new Hay Group study found.

In contact centers, employees might feel bored, unchallenged, under-appreciated, overworked and highly stressed. Any one of those is a reason to leave. You can bet contact center frontliners have recently felt a combination – if not all – of the above.

How can you keep the good people in their seats? Try these three ideas:

  1. Take some low-priority tasks off their plates. Managers tend to give good employees extra duties over time because they’re, well, good. Reevaluate everything they do, and delegate the low-priority stuff so they feel like they have room to breathe again.
  2. Be their advocate. Ask them to tell you about their biggest obstacles to getting work done. Listen for complaints they share with co-workers. Find a few that you can act on to make their lives easier and work more enjoyable.
  3. Show them the future. One reason good employees stay is because they know leaving wouldn’t be worth it. Set long-term goals that give them financial, professional and personal reasons to build a solid future in your company.

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