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3 ways to keep the best agents in your fold

Agents who climb to the top of your ladder are often the most likely to take one more step out the door. Try these tactics to make sure you retain top talent.

Only about half of employees think their companies do a good job keeping good people on staff, a recent Towers Watson survey found. And when agents don’t feel the love, they’ll go somewhere else looking for it.

To avoid turnover:

  • Chart the career path. Almost 80% of employees who stay at their jobs say their companies offer long-term career opportunities, the survey found. That doesn’t mean good agents have to leave the contact center, either. Regularly review opportunities to move up, increase compensation and learn more. Then give them the tools to succeed.
  • Praise agents more. Agents stay where they are appreciated. And, yes, they need constant reminders that their work is valuable.
  • Help agents stay balanced. Almost 70% of employees in the Towers Watson survey say they stay loyal to their boss because he or she understands them and tries to support them. Keep a close check on agents’ workload. If they’re meeting requirements, don’t assume they can take on more. If they aren’t meeting requirements, talk about new ways to approach the tasks.

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