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3 ways to help agents cut stress

Every contact center professional could use a little stress-reduction – especially this time of year. Try all of these quick tactics today.

Continually use these ideas from management forum to create a calm environment where agents are challenged at the right level and enjoy the job:

  • Be reasonable in expectations. Review job responsibilities and set goals regularly. Put what was discussed in writing so agents understand what’s expected of them at all times. Avoid dumping more work on them without relieving them of lower-level tasks.
  • Be clear and decisive. Delayed or unclear decisions add stress to employees who want to move forward. Gather data, weigh information and quickly announce decisions that affect workers. Communicate what’s going on and when so agents feel part of the situation.
  • Create a supportive workplace. Give agents opportunities to socialize and share best practices. Encourage water cooler chat about what’s going right at work and in agents’ personal lives. Discourage gossip by keeping communication from the top flowing down.

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