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3 ways to curb agent turnover

Rarely is there a good time for an agent – especially a good one – to walk out the door. Here are three ways to prevent unexpected turnover.

Even better, these tactics don’t cost much:

  • Find out what your competitors do well. Look online for details on what other local contact centers offer. Even better, ask agents who’ve worked at those companies what made it so good (or bad). Then you’ll know what you’re up against when agents think the grass is greener at those companies.
  • Offer options. Many agents don’t want to leave. They just need flexibility that isn’t offered them right now. Make it clear to agents where you can be flexible (shifts, hours, part-time vs. full-time, etc.) so they know all of their options before they even consider leaving.
  • Be positive. People don’t want to leave places that make them feel good. Create a positive environment by letting agents have some control over how it’s decorated, the activities that are held and their own career paths.

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