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3 ways to build rapport with new customers

New customers are even better to have if they become loyal. Here are three tips to help create that relationship.

These rapport-building tips can be used with current customers, too.

  • Ask more questions. It makes customers comfortable talking to a new person and his or her company. But find out if it’s OK first: “Can I ask you a few questions about why you chose us?” Most people like to share their opinions.
  • Share stories. If you share a little about yourself, most customers will open up about themselves. Keep it professional, though. For instance, “I used to work in your city. It has great weather,” or “I’ve been in this industry for 12 years. It’s never dull, don’t you think?”
  • Give your contact information. Once customers are comfortable, they may want to talk to you again because they’re happy to “know” someone in the company. Offer your direct contact info and invite them to call with concerns or questions.

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