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3 ways to beat the ‘Monday Blues’

Mondays are tough enough — even worse in a contact center. Here are three ways to beat the blues today and every week.

Go into the workweek with some extra motivation by:

  • Getting out. Whether it’s an early morning walk with the dog or a few laps around the contact center parking lot, breathing in fresh (albeit, crisp) air will help clear minds and release the good-feeling hormones.
  • Dressing the part. It’s tempting to put on the most comfortable, easy-wear clothes on a lazy Monday. But it’s better to dress as sharp as possible because it generates a positive, motivated outlook.
  • Connecting for a smile. Call, visit or email a friend, family member or colleague who is normally upbeat. Discuss good news from the weekend and make plans for something fun later in the week.

Finally, take steps at the end of this week to prepare for a great Monday next week. Finish less-than-favorite tasks by Friday afternoon. Make a must-do list for Monday and like-to-do list for the rest of the week.

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