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3 ways – and 1 new reason – to celebrate your customers

Here’s a new reason to connect with your customers and make their experiences even better: March 19 is International Client’s Day.

It might be new to us — the “holiday” originated in Lithuania and Russia several years ago — but the idea to set aside a day to make customers feel extra special is something that can resonate in any country and with any business.

“It puts a priority on building trust, engagement and a true sense of partnership with those who are most important to your business success — your customers and clients,” says H. John Oechsle, CEO of Swiftpage, a technology solutions provider. “By taking this one day to demonstrate just how much your customers mean to your business, you can provide an exceptional experience that will help keep your customers satisfied, inspired and connected to your company all year long.”

Oechsle suggests these three ideas to reach out to customers and celebrate their loyalty for International Client’s Day — or any day you choose, for that matter:

1. Reward loyalty

Many companies offer special rates and promotions to attract new customers. Meanwhile, long-time customers get the same deal they’ve had since they moved out of the honeymoon stage.

Reward loyal customers with some exclusive offers, too. Try a “Client’s Day Campaign” with promotional rates, product upgrades, premium customer support or even products from one of your partner businesses.

Send an email blast to your existing customer base. Have any employee who talks or chats online with customers be ready to make special offers, too.

2. Make the effort extra personal

While offers for the special occasion can be general, the sentiment shouldn’t be. You know your loyal customers pretty well. You likely have data on their preferences as far as communication channels, products, timing, challenges and even the people they deal with.

Use that to personalize messages. For instance, if it’s close to a time they’d be running low on a product, offer an even better deal on it. If you know they’ve faced some business or personal obstacles lately, recognize that by offering them a service that will make their lives easier.

Even if you can’t personalize every offer, give personal shows of appreciation. Write thank-you cards. Have service pros set aside time to make thank-you calls for a few days before Client’s Day. Leaving voice mail messages is just as powerful as actually talking (if not more, because customers can replay their appreciation messages).

3. Spread the love on social media

Find out (if you don’t already know) who your best and most loyal customers are — not just those who are vocal on social media. Ask them about recent successes or milestones — professional or personal. Make those the topics of your social media posts on or around Client’s Day.

Create congratulatory graphics (you can find lots of free images and guides to use), or craft a message about their accomplishments and tag them or their businesses. For instance, “Keep up the great work @ABCcompany” or “Great industry win @ApexCo Happy #ClientsDay.”

When you call out customers’ successes on social media, you help drive traffic to their sites, too. Plus, you engage on a broader level.

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