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3 reasons you should never, ever insult your competitors

You know your products and services are the best, and you want to convince your customers of that. Just don’t do it at the expense of your competitors. Here’s why.

If agents bash competitors – or even make slight negative comparisons – it can actually backfire.

Yes, customers sometimes need and want to hear how your company’s products or services fare compared to similar things in the market. But this is why it’s never in good form to talk negatively about competitors, according to sales expert Dave Brock.

  • You’ll probably be wrong. Because agents aren’t employed by the competitors, they won’t likely have all the facts about their products and services.
  • Customers’ focus will shift away from your products. Keeping them focused on what’s great about your products and services makes a stronger impression than focusing on the negative points of others.
  • You can lose customers’ respect. They aren’t usually impressed by someone who focuses on negative points.

The best bet: Keep up-to-date, baseline information on your competitors’ products or services. If customers have small comparison questions, be ready to answer them based on the facts you have. Avoid expressing an opinion at any time.

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