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3 signs morale stinks in contact centers — and what you can do about it

Morale issues often start with one person, spreading like wildfire through the contact center. Here’s how to spot and stop issues quickly.

Contact center leaders want to be on the lookout for the three most common causes of low morale. Then use our suggestions for how to stop them.

  1. Internal disputes. Conflict between agents — whether it’s personal or professional — will make at least two people miserable. Then they’ll likely try to ban others together to take sides. Tip: When you see agents butting heads (aside from professional, creative thinking), get involved. Help them recognize why they’re at odds and reach a resolution.
  2. Turnover at the top. When a beloved supervisor leaves (whether he is forced out or leaves by choice), agents will feel a loss. Tip: When a leader leaves, reassure the team how things will stay the same, and explain how things will change so they’re prepared for anything.
  3. Lack of challenges and information. If agents find their jobs too easy or don’t get enough information from the top-down, they will fill the void with gossip and negative talk. Tip: Cross-train in several areas so agents know and understand as much about the company as possible.

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