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3 qualities your seasonal contact center workers must have

When it’s time to ramp up hiring in your contact center, researchers say these are the most important qualities to look for in temp workers:

The workers need to be out-going, curious and able to multi-task, according to a recent study by Evolv.

“Smart businesses are increasingly looking to their workforce as their greatest source of advantage,” says Evolv CEO Max Simkoff, “It’s more important than ever that the right people are in the right roles.”

The most productive seasonal workers tend to be extroverted, inquisitive and good at multi-tasking. They keep customers happy. And to keep them happy, it’s a good idea to dangle the carrot.

“The data shows that reward-driven workers make the best hires,” Simkoff says.

Cater to temps’ different needs

Whether the holidays are your busy season, or you need to ramp up with temporary workers in your contact center at other times throughout the year, you’ll probably need to take steps to keep them motivated. Their needs are a little different from your regular staff.

Some effective tactics:

  • Include them. Show seasonal workers respect by including them in staff meetings, out-of-work activities and special events so they feel part of the organization and will give 100%.
  • Create contests. If you usually have sales- or customer retention-related contests, build some that are graded frequently — perhaps daily — so the seasonal workers can participate and perhaps win. Also include fun games such as trivia contests and scavenger hunts that aren’t directly related to work since they won’t have the same strong company knowledge your regular staff does.
  • Show the big picture. Some seasonal staff may be interested in longer-term, permanent work — and will likely perform better knowing there’s a possibility of full-time work. Let them know the available opportunities or that you will consider them down the road if they perform well during the busy season.

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