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3 qualities to focus on when interviewing for new agents

Find and hire the best candidate by focusing on these three qualities when interviewing potential agents.

You can figure out if they have what it takes to succeed in your contact center by asking the right questions, according to sales and management expert Kevin Cain.

Look for:

  • A need to achieve. They have an intense desire to be excellent and reach or surpass goals. Ask this: Can you tell me about a few times when you did more than what was expected of you or went beyond the call of duty?
  • Competitiveness. They want to outperform co-workers, win over customers and impress their boss (without damaging relationships along the way, of course.) Ask this: Where does your performance rank at your current (or previous) job? May I have your permission to contact your boss to ask about your rank?
  • Optimism. They are certain that anything can be accomplished and are willing to put in the effort to make sure it is. Ask this: What did you do to bounce back from a bad call or bad day recently?

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