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3 low-cost ways to show agents your appreciation

You don’t need much money to show agents you truly appreciate the great job they do. These three ideas work.

Rest assured employees will be motivated when you make efforts to show thanks for everyday efforts and outstanding acts.

Sincerity is key, says Todd Patkin, author of Finding Happiness:

  • Distribute inspiration. Boost spirits by spreading a daily good attitude. Find “feel good” stories and quotes and send them out via email. It might seem hokey at first, but people usually start to look forward to it. Agents might even start to share stories.
  • Recognize internal successes. Take time weekly to recognize, applaud, and reward agents’ small and large accomplishments. Include things they’ve done outside of work, too. Take it one step further: On a monthly basis, consolidate all those accomplishments, photos and fun quotes into a short newsletter for everyone to take home.
  • Include the family. In addition to the newsletter everyone can show their loved ones, get the family involved in praise. Call their homes to thank spouses for their support so agents could work longer or harder. Mail a note commending employees to their families, explaining the positive impact they have at work, on customers and the company as a whole.

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