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Top 3 hiring mistakes contact center managers make

Contact center leaders want to put good people on the  job, but they fail sometimes when these mistakes are made.

Researchers at Profiles International found that most managers want hire well  not just fill empty seats. But failure to plan before hiring often leads to poor choices for the positions.

Avoid these top mistakes:

  1. Fail to properly define performance requirements. To find agents who will succeed, managers want to list the skills and personality traits of their current high-performing agents. Then find candidates who share those traits.
  2. Poor recruitment strategy. In a rush to fill seats, many leaders do what’s easiest and fastest to get someone on board. Instead, they need to create a strategy that allows them to recruit good employees at all times. And it should include assessments of candidates’ personality and skills.
  3. Inadequate job profile. New hires often “opt out” of the job because it wasn’t what they expected. That’s because the job description provided by contact center leaders was outdated or inadequate. To avoid this problem, leaders want to regularly work with agents to keep the job description detailed and accurate. Include everything from the daily start time to what your expectations are for how employees treat co-workers and the property.

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