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3 fast ways to keep everyone focused on a Friday

It’s Friday, and almost every agent can’t wait to get out the door. Here are three ways to keep them focused on work until quitting time.

These ideas may even help turn every last day of the workweek into the most productive day.

  1. Set goals. Pick a metric, set the goal a little higher than usual and offer a reward to anyone who meets it. Imagine what agents will do to get out 15 minutes earlier!
  2. Write lists. The best way to get everything done (and possibly a little more) is to put it in writing. Ask agents to create and turn in “must-do lists” to their direct managers on Thursday. Have them update it throughout Friday so the boss knows they’re on target, too.
  3. Have fun early. Research has proven that offering a morale booster first thing (perhaps an ice-breaker activity over bagels, fruit and coffee) is more effective than a pizza party later.

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