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3 ’emergency kits’ every customer service department should have

Are you ready to boost customer satisfaction in an instant? These emergency ideas will prep you.

They key is to seize the opportunity to put one of them into action for a customer, according to sales, service and marketing expert Andy Sernovitz.

Here are companies and their kits that are ready for anyone to use when customers are frustrated, confused or stressed.

The Emergency Kit

If you’re ready for customers who need something fast, they’ll remember and rely on you whether they’re in a pinch or not. Up Down Cigar Shop in Chicago keeps gift-wrapped packages of their products on hand year-round. With it, anyone can save the day for stressed customers in minutes.

The Homesick Kit

Don’t let customers forget about you. A Homesick Kit will give them a sample of what they’re missing.

Portillo’s restaurant, famous for its steak sandwich, sends kits full of their special gravy and bake-and-serve rolls to customers who, for one reason or another, can’t make it to their restaurants in Illinois. This kit reminds customers of what they’re missing so they’ll buy more when they can.

The New Customer Kit

New customers often are overwhelmed with options, paperwork and a change in experience.

That’s why Sam Adams offers a seasonal sampler packs throughout the year, ready to go to new customers, so they can figure out their favorite beer and buy more of it.

A sample or starter kit can give your customers a better idea of your best stuff and then pick what works best before committing to something that might not be a perfect fit.

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