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3 cheap ways to motivate staff

Praise is the most inexpensive way to motivate employees. Here are three unique ways to do it right.

Even better, contact center leaders don’t  have to put much thought or time into doling out motivational recognition.

  1. Follow the 50/30/20 Rule. Cindy Ventrice, author of Make Their Day! Employee Recognition that Works, says praise works best like this: 30% of recognition should come from co-workers (more than that, and it will become saturated). The company should provide 20% through “inherent recognition” such as fair benefits and flexible work schedules. Direct bosses need to provide the other 50% by offering praise, opportunities to lead and trust.
  2. Post it everywhere. Talk about agents’ accomplishments everywhere possible so others can see and hear what they’ve done and join in the celebration and congratulations. Post stories of extraordinary care, extra efforts and exceed goals on company blogs, in newsletters and in social media to reach more personnel and customers.
  3. Build relationships. Nearly everyone is motivated to come into a workplace where they have friends and see friendly faces. Leaders don’t want to just encourage a little water-cooler talk, they want to participate in it (without gossiping, of course!)

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