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The reason you feel blue at work

Feeling blue on the job? This is probably the reason.

You aren’t back in the right groove after some kind of break – vacation, weekend, lunchtime. It can be so bad, almost half of employees think of quitting their jobs after a vacation, a DirectHoliday-Bookings survey found.

So you need some ways to get – and stay – motivated and positive. These help:

  • Pat yourself on the back. Don’t wait for a boss, co-worker or customer to praise and put you in a good mood. At the end of the day, think of something you did right, congratulate and reward yourself (think of that restaurant you always wanted to try, new shoes or different running route).
  • Pat someone else on the back. It can feel just as good to recognize others – from co-workers who help and customers who have great taste to commuting buddies who are funny. Plus, if you praise someone else, everyone’s mood improves.
  • Think of the big picture. One bad day doesn’t mean the world has turned against you. Put what your company or department does well in one sentence and keep it top of mind. Example: We help people when they need it most.

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