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2 effective ways to add the personal touch

When you’re on the phone or online with customers, it’s tougher to make a personal connection than if you were meeting face-to-face. Try these powerful ideas to add a personal touch.

Agents can build loyalty with customers they never see if they:

  • Keep a stack of stamped business stationary at their desk. When a new customer places an order, put their mailing information on one envelope. Do the same for customers whose order frequency seems to be increasing. Take a few seconds after the call to write a personal note – or save the names of those customers throughout the day and write several notes before leaving.
  • Red flag the accounts of new customers so all agents know they’re new and can give them special treatment the first five or 10 times they contact you. A few ways: Refer to past conversations and preferences. Use their names and ask about family, friends or events that were uncovered in the first contact. Offer a sample of something they haven’t experienced.

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