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2 beliefs of successful salespeople

Most successful salespeople share two beliefs:

  • the future can be better than the present, and
  • they have the power to make sure that happens.

They also share a phenomenal ability to consistently focus their attention on reaching their goal, a talent that is the result of them rewiring their brains.

Control of attention

Control of attention is the ultimate individual power. It leads to self control and the ability to formulate strategies in order to resist negative thoughts of rejection or cold call reluctance.

Focus also leads to resilience, the ability to persevere with an idea even when prospects and customers react negatively.

It’s all about what you believe

Whatever you believe you can do, you will. Whatever you believe you can’t do, you won’t.

If salespeople don’t see themselves providing value for their customers, they won’t appeal to customers’ genuine business needs.

Salespeople who show a positive, dynamic belief system establish meaningful relationships with their prospects and customers.

Low producers, on the other hand, exhibit impulsive responses and in-the-moment behavior when dealing with customers.

Focused salespeople make a commitment to step back and consider before responding or acting. They think about potentially controversial or emotional issues that might arise and decide how to deal with them calmly and effectively.

Adapted from the book “Championship Selling,” by Tom Blake, Tom Hodson & Tony Enrico. Blake is CEO of Optime International, a sales training and consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada. Hodson and Enrico are executives with Optime International.

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