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‘15 reasons I won’t buy from you’

A recent survey pinpointed 15 reasons why prospects said they decided not to buy from a specific salesperson.

They were:

  1. You’ve taken all the popular classes on how to “psych out” prospects, but you never really addressed my needs.
  2. You’ve learned how to look confident and composed, but you know very little about the problems I’m facing.
  3. You concentrate on trying to locate my “hot buttons” and then focus your attention on pushing them.
  4. Your thinking is sales-driven, not customer-driven.
  5. You’re always looking for good leads, but you can’t recognize one when you see it.
  6. You pushed until you could get in front of me, and then had little to offer.
  7. You thought that getting an appointment with me would mean a sale. It doesn’t.
  8. You did nothing to motivate me to talk with you.
  9. You didn’t offer anything that I couldn’t get elsewhere.
  10. You’re not interested in me or what I need to accomplish.
  11. You couldn’t give me one reason why you should replace my current supplier.
  12. I have the feeling that I won’t see you again after I place that first order.
  13. I can learn as much on the Internet as I can from you.
  14. You set the agenda, but it always reflects your priorities, not mine.
  15. You made no attempt to find out about my products or the needs of my customers.

Source: John Graham, a sales trainer based in Quincy, MA.

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