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12 reasons contact center employees are truly better people

You thought it all along, and now there’s research to prove contact center employees are better equipped to do just about everything in life!

Contact center agents – and their bosses – face angry customers, unpredictable spikes in demand and challenging projects daily. And they’re better for it, new research from found.

Experienced contact center pros who took psychological and skill tests stood out from the rest of the test takers, whose jobs ran the professional gamut.

Those who worked in customer service:

  • Had better communication skills
  • Were more skilled at resolving conflict
  • Had a higher level of patience
  • Maintained better control of emotions
  • Coped better with stress
  • Had a more positive and upbeat attitude
  • Were more self-motivated
  • Were more conscientious
  • Had much thicker skin
  • Were more organized
  • Meandered through difficult and awkward situations better, and
  • Maintained perspective and looked at situations objectively.

While some skills are vital in the workplace, all of them are assets to life outside work, researchers noted. Contact center employees are often a good fit for many positions within a company – but are ideal in the customer-facing positions.

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